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Sumac Catering brings a refreshing contemporary take on traditional Middle-Eastern recipes. Our food is healthy, tasty and colourful, combining different textures with the subtle flavours of aromatic spices, fresh herbs, and nutritious fruits & nuts. Middle-Eastern food is meant for sharing among groups of people; these are the folk who invented the Mezze [meh-zay] concept, a collection of small plate helpings of meat, fish, vegetables, salads and dips.


Choose from our menu of healthy, authentic dishes and we’ll deliver the food to your home or sports club … for those party occasions when you want friends to eat something a little bit special.


Sure, there are professional catering companies out here on the web, offering a bewildering range of options. Sumac Catering is different because (1) We just do Middle Eastern food – ideal for group eating (2) We cater for small events – 10 up to 100 people

(3) We only do home parties or sports club events.

Party Catering In Your Home

Whether hosting a dinner party or special occasion (communion, confirmation, christening or birthday party), the Sumac Catering menu is an ideal way to offer your guests something a bit different. We can cook offsite and deliver to your venue, or cook on-site. For smaller dinner parties, we are happy to have you cook alongside us in your kitchen, so you can learn how to prepare this food for yourself.

“Highly recommend this fantastic company. Awesome food. If I was judging on Masterchef I’d be talking about layers and layers of flavours and textures.” Lisa Malone, Dinner party host.

Party Catering In Sports Clubs

In Tennis, Golf, Rugby and other sports clubs, Sumac’s healthy and nutritious Mid-Eastern food is ideal for summer parties, annual dinners, competition days and other events. We offer a range of hot and cold Buffet dishes or can run a BBQ event for you.

“Many thanks indeed for your amazing food.  People loved the mix of food and the delicious flavours.” Newtownpark Tennis Club.

“There’s been nothing but high praise for the fantastic food and your friendly and fuss free service.” St Mary’s Tennis Club.

Sumac brings a refreshing, contemporary take on traditional recipes from Turkey, Lebanon, Persia, Syria, Israel & Morocco. This region has a diverse melting pot of culinary traditions that date back to ancient times.

These nutritious recipes remain healthy, tasty and colourful, combining the different textures of meat, fish, vegetables, 
fruit and nuts, flavoured with aromatic spices and fresh herbs. There’s a lot more to this food than the now pervasive falafel, hummus & kebabs!


Husband and wife team Pete & Fiona were born in Jerusalem, to fathers who had left the Guards in Dublin to work for the United Nations peacekeeping force. Growing up, Pete and Fiona lived in every country in the region, where they developed a lifelong passion for Middle Eastern food with its vivid colours, layered textures and rich flavours.

“We wanted to share our love of Middle Eastern food and so our Sumac catering business was born.”


The business is named after the sumac spice which has a tangy, sour fruit flavour, and is made by grinding the deep red berries from the sumac bush into a powder. Before the Romans introduced lemons to the region, sumac was the only means of adding tartness and is still widely used in Middle Eastern cooking.